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Finding Leaks In Green Pools

When performing a leak job there are certain pool conditions that are important to have in place when you get to the job site.  The pool should be filled to normal operating level, and it’s best if the water is clear, clean, and warm.  Of course, even with prior communication things aren’t always ideal. So, what do you do if you arrive at a pool that’s cloudy or green?

In many cases it may be best to just walk away.  Simply put, you can’t see through green water and anything that requires visual observation will be compromised. The chances of success in locating and repairing a leak go down if there is a problem with visibility. Plus, you need to be careful about health risks and equipment damage when working on green pools. So even though you’ve already invested time in just getting there, it’s frequently best to have the customer clear up the pool and schedule a time to come back.

With that being said, cleaning up a green pool before a leak detection appointment can be a difficult  or unreasonable task. Especially because it’s common for leaking pools to be green because they are leaking – it’s hard to maintain chemical balance when you’re consistently adding untreated water to the pool. So, if you have no choice but to work on a green pool, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Sometimes the water is actually clear but algae is covering the shell surface.  In these cases look for a spot that has no algae.  The water movement of a leak often washes out the algae in that area.  This can make for a quick and easy job!

Algae is washed away around leak. There is also a stick stuck in the leak.

If the water is so green that you can’t effectively do any dye testing, electronic equipment that doesn’t require you to get in the water. Both the LeakTrac and hydrophones can be used, as long as they are cleaned off immediately afterwards.  Pressure testing  and pipe leak location can also be done. Keep a pair of stay dry gloves on hand to keep your arms algae free when putting in plugs.

One of the most important things when dealing with unfavorable conditions at a pool is to set clear expectations for the job.  If you do have to perform work on a green pool, let your customer know that your efficiency and effectiveness may be impacted but that you will still be charging for your time.

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