Leak Logic - Job Data Collection & Reporting Program

Ready to take your leak detection service to the next level? Leak Logic is a pool leak job data collection and reporting program that directs users through an efficient and thorough leak detection job process, then uses collected data from the job to create a professional, customer-ready report that instantly increases the value of your leak detection services.

Directed Data Collection on Your Mobile Device

The mobile data collection portion of the program encourages the leak technician to follow a best practices procedure at the job site. For each step in the process, the app shows a dynamic display of fields based on your previous entries and the pool component that is being tested. As you progress through a comprehensive inspection of the pool, the app monitors and displays your progress. The logic featured throughout the data collection process is based on hundreds of jobs done by experienced leak technicians and aligns with how Anderson Manufacturing presents training material. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used on a mobile phone or tablet.

Professional Report Increases Value of Service

Once job data is collected and submitted an easy to read, and logically organized PDF job report that is custom branded with your company logo is automatically produced. The report is a comprehensive record of the leak job that provides a valuable and tangible record of the work done for your customers. Each report includes the following sections:

  • Job Info: Administrative and site specific details that are typically collected before going to the job site.
  • Initial Observations: Collects photos, equipment observations, and optional Leakalyzer Water Loss Sensor test results that provide a basis for work at the pool.
  • Component Inspection: This core section identifies each part of the pool (skimmers, return fittings, lights, etc.) that must either be inspected - with a method identified, or excluded - with a reason recorded. Results for each section of the pool are recorded in a "QuickView Table" that provides a concise overview of the state of the pool.
  • Problem Detail: If a problem is identified, annotated photos and text sections provide an opportunity for describing the problem found as well as the type of patch or remedy applied.
  • Conclusion: A record of final observations and recommendations for repair, a diagram of the problems found, and a final Leakalyzer test graph to show problem resolution.

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Backend Administrative Hub for Easy Record Keeping

All collected data is recorded in a web based management portal where each job’s results can be reviewed, sorted, searched, and analyzed. The portal also enables you to keep a list of repeat customers (like pool companies or property managers) and job sites to facilitate data entry and analysis. Optional invoicing and a means of managing leak jobs as they progress for leads, to scheduled work, to complete and invoiced transactions are in the works.

Whether you are an independent sole proprietor, the leak specialist at your pool company, or a multi-truck leak company, Leak Logic will help to increase your professionalism and add value to your leak detection services.

To learn more or purchase Leak Logic, please call us at 800-348-1316.

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