Is leak detection an art or a science?

Leak detection is indeed a science that can be learned. It involves following a logical step by step problem solving procedure, understanding a few basic natural laws (physics) related to the tests that are performed, and having functional/technical knowledge on how to operate equipment that will be used in the process. Our training is designed to not only help you find leaks but to have the foundational understanding to know why you did.

Your ability to apply this foundational knowledge to the particular types of leak problems and opportunities in your area is where experience comes in and why some describe the process as an “art.” An experienced, technician of any kind looks “artistic” because they intimately understand the environment in which they work and can establish short-cuts and techniques that perfect their application of the fundamentals to the “canvas” in front of them. The artistic aspect of leak detection cannot be taught. There is no replacement for practice, growth, and development in your own environment. We have found that around the world there is great variety in pool construction, soil conditions, climate, business practices, etc. The “go-to” tools and favored techniques vary by not only region of the country but by individuals within that region. We want to help you fully understand the fundamentals so that you can develop your own “artistic” abilities with good form.

On Site TrainingOn Site Training

Opportunities to learn the science of leak detection

We offer several levels of training products to help fortify your foundation and assure a successful development of your leak detection abilities

Online resource library

For most of our customers (who already have a basic understanding of swimming pool operation) the resources we offer at no cost on our website have provided the foundational information needed to begin finding leaks successfully. This material is presented in self-paced slide shows and videos that include diagrams and photos. You or your technicians can page through this information at your own pace and refer back to them anytime a refresher is necessary. We also have a staff of experienced leak problem solvers available for telephone consultation at any time during the business day. We can answer your questions while you are looking through the online material or while you are in the field at a tough job. All of this information is available to you at no charge.

The Basic Leak Detection Process:

On-site training

For a more customized and intensive experience one of our field-experienced trainers can come to your site to facilitate instruction for you or a group of technicians. Such an event provides the opportunity not only for a classroom presentation of the foundational information, but also hands-on training with applicable equipment, and the opportunity for actual field work (at a leak job you have set-up). These, programs are custom scheduled and priced according to your needs, but generally run 1-2 days and incur a per day cost plus travel expenses. Please call us to discuss details.

In house training

If you would like to send people to our location we can provide ½ or full day training opportunities focused primarily on classroom instruction and hands-on training with equipment in a laboratory environment. The cost of this option is $250/half-day for up to 4 people ($100 of this can be applied to equipment purchase).

Learn from the best with the best equipment.

Over the years, we have helped literally thousands of pool professionals add leak detection to their arsenal of services. We’d like to be your partner in leak detection success as well!

We also have a variety of other trainings resources and videos in our resource center or located on our YouTube Channel

Lance teaching a Leak Detection Seminar in Atlantic City.

Lance teaching a Leak Detection Seminar in Atlantic City.