What’s the Opportunity in Pool Leak Detection?

Swimming pools leak!

If you are in the Swimming Pool Business as a builder, service company, or retailer you have had to deal with leaks. Let’s face it: every pool, no matter how well it has been built, will eventually develop a leak. With more pools than ever operating and continuing to be built, the opportunity for finding and fixing these pesky problems is substantial.

A leaking pool can be a headache for the pool owner.

An un-repaired leak obviously wastes water, but it does more than that. Heating and treating new water that has to be added to replace that which has been lost can cost a pool owner $100′s per year. In addition, costly structural damage can result from leaking water that erodes supporting soil or causes moisture damage to surrounding structures. It is the mental anguish, frustration, and sense of helplessness however, that motivates most owners of a leaking pool to seek a professional who can solve their problem.

For the unprepared pool company a customer’s leak can also be a costly, time consuming and frustrating experience.

Multiple trips to the pool, hit-and-miss digging through the deck, and the possibility of looking unprofessional to your customer, can turn a leak into more of a business tragedy than a business opportunity. Because of this, many companies choose to avoid dealing with leak problems themselves, choosing instead to refer the job to a specialist. This strategy however, gives away potential profits, and puts your customer in the hands of somebody who may reflect poorly on you, or worse . . . may steal future business.

Leaks are an outstanding source of profits for those with knowledge and good equipment!

The fact that leaks can be such headaches to the uninformed is the same reason that they are outstanding profit opportunities. Those who recognize that logical procedures and surprisingly affordable equipment allow for most leaks to be found in one visit to the pool are making loads of money and building their businesses. Many service companies find that they can charge twice their normal hourly service rate for leak detection jobs. An even greater hourly rate can be achieved through pricing by the job. Depending on your market, it is possible to charge $200 – $400 for a job that may take little more than an hour. What you earn from the detection itself is just a part of the income potential; most leak jobs also lead to additional repair, renovation, or liner replacement work, meaning the leak detection job is basically a “paid sales call.”

To top it off, finding leaks is fun and often positions you as a hero in your customers’ eyes.

Getting started in swimming pool leak detection is easy!

There are many who make the leak detection process sound much more complicated than it really is. The truth is that anybody with a basic understanding of swimming pool operation can learn the simple, logical procedures used to efficiently and consistently find leaks (see the basic leak detection procedure). Over the past 15 years we have helped thousands of individuals and companies enter this lucrative market. We find that most pool companies feel competent for any job after simply reading the written instructions that come with our equipment. As you prepare to get into the field take a look at the slide shows and videos on our website that cover the fundamentals and procedures that have proven to be effective. Once you're in the field feel free to call us from the job site. We're here from 8:00-5:00 CDT and always willing to talk with you about challenging jobs.

Our equipment is proven to generate profits!

We are specialists in helping you profit from leak detection. As pioneers in this role we have contributed to the success of virtually anybody in the world who is involved with swimming pool leaks. You can be confident that the equipment you purchase from us is the best available and will put you at a level of professionalism equal to anyone. Purchase what you need one piece at a time or take advantage of our discounted complete packages. All of our products are covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.