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High Marks for Another Leak Training Seminar

“I make sure to come to this one every year.”
“Such a good refresher and I always pick up new tips.”
“This class is why I come to the Atlantic City show.”

Anderson Manufacturing’s Leak Detection Seminar, one of Aqua Magazine’s Top Picks, lives up to its hype once again as hundreds turn out for the Leak Detection seminar put on by Lance Anderson in Atlantic City. The capacity crowd listened to Lance and a panel of experts discuss the importance of leak detection basics and answered questions on the intricacies of leak detection.

With over 110 years of leak detection experience on the panel, the three experts provided solutions to tricky problems and tricks for locating and fixing common leaks. Throughout the 3 hour seminar Lance and all three panel experts talked about a systematic approach of applying the fundamentals of leak detection to be the most effective and efficient way to perform leak detection.

The importance of pressure testing in the overall leak detection process was highlighted several times. Pressure Testing continues to be an crucial component to underground plumbing leaks. Overall it was nice to hear the experts on the panel and many in the crowd validate our leak detection process and confirm the value of our products:

  • Bruce Roach an experienced diver talked about how liner leaks are more elusive than ever with the newer liner designs making the LeakTrac an even more valuable tool. He also had a nice marking tool rigged up on his probe to circle the leaks.

    A wax marker taped to a pipe probe can help mark leaks in vinyl liners.
  • John Stinemire shared how he uses the hydrophone along side his Fisher Listening Device  to listen along the pool wall to hear plumbing lines that run along side the pool edge.  When pressurized these leaks can make a clear sound into the pool. John also talked about the Leakalyzer and its value in confirming  all leaks have been found and not just a leak, especially in concrete pools.
  • Steve White highlighted how you can “save a customer thousands and gain a customer for life” by using the Stair Foam Kit to firm up and repair their existing steps rather than replacing them.

Overall it was a good day as we “brushed up on the basics” and shared the tips and tricks for tackling the toughest leaks.

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