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Leakalyzer Tip: Portable Shade Cover

Is the hot summer sun getting in the way of your successful Leakalyzer tests? Leakalyzers perform best when their temperature remains stable throughout the duration of the test.  When exposed to the changes in radiant heat as the sun goes in and out of the clouds, the deck plate can expand and contract leading to confusing readings. We recommend setting up the Leakalyzer in a shady place whenever possible, but Mark Spatz of Florida Leak Patrol came up with a smart solution to carry shade with you wherever you go!

Mark fashioned his Leakalyzer “dog house” out of a large plastic tub that was cut to cover the deck plate and sensor capsule when set up at the pool.   The sensor rod extends up through a hole in the top.  A bucket can be placed over this rod to protect it from sunlight or the occasional unexpected stray shower.  One edge of the tub extends into the water to provide additional protection from water turbulence when the pool system is running.  Mark says he doesn’t use the cover everytime he pulls out his Leakalyzer, but that it does make his tests more accurate in certain situations.

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