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Case Study: Fill Pool to Find Leaks

Type of Pool: Concrete, no spa, 400 sq. feet

Equipment Used: Dye, Leakalyzer


No information was provided prior to arriving at the job site, but when we arrived the water level was down to bottom of the skimmers and the customer confirmed that the water leaked down to that point and then stopped. A Leakalyzer test confirmed the water level had settled and was not dropping any farther. We established some suspect areas then put a hose in to fill the pool back up while we headed to our next job. We came back later once the water level was back up to finish the leak detection.


When we returned to the job site, we confirmed the pool was indeed leaking with the Leakalyzer, then started to dye test the suspected areas along where the water line had settled. Not all suspected areas drew dye when the water level was raised, but we did locate two leaks in the corners where grout was gone from the tile line. We repaired the leaking areas with Quick Set Putty, then confirmed that the leaking areas were no longer drawing dye and that the pool water level had stabilized with the Leakalyzer.


  1. It’s extremely helpful to know if the water level stops dropping at a certain point.
  2. Pool water level needs to be at normal operating level to efficiently locate leaks.
  3. Some leak detections are very straight forward!
  4. Job also led to a sale of upgrades in pool filter.

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