Pinpoint Plumbing Leaks

If a leaking section of plumbing is identified, add a constant flow of air from a regulated air source into the line. As this air escapes into water saturated soil it will make a distinctive bubbling sound that can be pinpointed through the pool deck or soil with an electronic listening device. In most cases this process will enable the location of hidden underground leaks so that repairs can be made with minimal excavation. In situations where this noise cannot be created a Gas Sniffer can be used to locate the presence of a tracer gas escaping from the leak.

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Part # Description Price Qty  
G512 Geophone G512 G512 Geophone Price: $435.00
XLT17 Electronic Listening Device XLT17 XLT17 Electronic Listening Device Price: $1,575.00
XLT30H Electronic Listening Device XLT30H XLT30H Electronic Listening Device Price: $2,625.00
Helium Detector (also Hydrogen tracer gas) LS70 Helium Detector (also Hydrogen tracer gas) Price: $1,295.00