XLT17 Electronic Listening Device

XLT17 Electronic Listening Device




Part #: XLT17


Pipe Application

Shipping Weight 19


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Product Description

The XLT17 provides excellent acoustical amplification qualities, selective filtering capabilities, and simple to use controls. New solid state circuitry and touch-pad controls assure durability even in extreme conditions. The versatile and highly sensitive "Multi-Sensor" microphone uses a muffled microphone for listening through asphalt or concrete slab, but can be adapted with included sound rods for probing the ground above a pipeline or making direct contact with the pipe.

We recommend this unit as an entry level electronic listening device that will provide years of service to the average pool service company that may have several technicians using the equipment several times per month.

As an added feature you can outfit this model with an Anderson Manufacturing hydrophone.

  • 3 simple to use Frequency Filters (high pass, low pass, and band select) eliminates unwanted sound while isolating important leak frequencies.
  • Versatile Multi-Sensor microphone uses compact design and delivers exceptional sensitivity.
  • Compact control box can be worn on the belt, around the neck or over the shoulder with the attached strap.
  • Volume is limited to lessen sudden blasts of uncomfortable sound.
  • Sensitive LCD meter shows leak signal strength and battery strength through a bar graph and digital display.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • 2 year limited warranty.


Air Delivery
Batteries Uses two 9 volt batteries that provide 20 hours of intermittent use.
Blower Fitting
Bypass Diameter
Case Size 19"x15"x7-1/4"
Chuck Size
Cure Time
Extension Length
Filter Types Low pass, High pass, or Band pass
Frequency Range 60 Hz - 6 kHz.
Proper Inlation Pressure
Input Current
Made By Fisher
Made In USA
Maximum Depth
Maximum Diameter
Minimum Diameter
Minimum Temperature
Mixer Tubes
Opening Connection
Pipe Application
Shipping Weight 19
Sticker Color
Unlabeled Spec 1
Unlabeled Spec 2
Unlabeled Spec 3
Vacuum Fitting
Wireless Connection

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