XLT30H Electronic Listening Device

XLT30H Electronic Listening Device




Part #: XLT30H


Pipe Application

Shipping Weight 33


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Product Description

The XLT-30H Electronic Listening Device takes pool leak detection to a new level with advanced electronic amplification and filtering. We find this to be the best listening device choice for those companies interested in making leak detection a major part of their service offerings.

A touch pad control panel along with an easy to read digital display helps seal out moisture and enables even the novice to become proficient at leak detection. The advanced microprocessor enables enhancement of the weakest sounds like those in non-metallic pipes or those in sound muffling conditions. The XLT-30H is also designed to reject most loud interfering noises like wind, motors, and traffic. New to the filtering selection is a notched feature that allows independent suppression of an outside interfering sound, allowing the user to selectively tune to the desired leak noise. The XLT-30H is affordable, tough, and easy to use while providing maximum performance.

The XLT-30H differs from other XLT30 models available online in that it is specially engineered to work with Anderson's hydrophones (underwater microphones). XLT30 Listening Devices purchased from other sources will not work with these hydrophones and adapters.


  • Frequency filtration allows bands to be selected or rejected and new notch filter allows for independent suppression of an outside interfering sound.
  • Includes ""Big Foot"" muffled microphone (on a rigid handle pole) for listening over solid surfaces, as well as a Hydro-phonic Cylinder Probe for direct pipe contact, or for listening through sand or soil.
  • Touch screen keypad with digital display, backlit for low light usage.
  • Peak hold feature on bar graph display for sound comparison.
  • Includes complete operation instructions.
  • Improved headset for clearer sound response.
  • Hydrophone setting for enhanced sensitivity.
  • Two year limited warranty.


Air Delivery
Batteries Uses two 9 Volt alkaline, 40 hour battery life
Blower Fitting
Bypass Diameter
Case Size 8-1/4" x 8-1/2" x 32-1/2"
Chuck Size
Cure Time
Extension Length
Filter Types Independent notch filter, Low pass, High pass, or Band pass
Frequency Range All pass mode 60Hz - 6kHz, Filter mode 60 Hz-2.4kHz.
Gain 95 dB
Proper Inlation Pressure
Input Current
Made By Fisher
Made In USA
Maximum Depth
Maximum Diameter
Minimum Diameter
Minimum Temperature
Mixer Tubes
Opening Connection
Pipe Application
Shipping Weight 33
Sticker Color
Unlabeled Spec 1
Unlabeled Spec 2
Unlabeled Spec 3
Vacuum Fitting
Wireless Connection

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