Step & Fiberglass Repair

Support hollow or cracked fiberglass steps by filling the void with this rigid foam that expands 7 to 10 times its volume. Simple application involves draining water to below the step level, then drilling 5/16" holes 12" apart over the hollow area, and then injecting the foam (using a dual cartridge gun like our Jake Gun) into the void through these holes. Foam expands and hardens in about 15 minutes. Holes and crack can then be filled with Plast-aid or epoxy putty.
Part # Description Price Qty  
Stair Foam Kit CK600 Stair Foam Kit Price: $125.00
Plast-aid 1.5 oz Kit PA15 Plast-aid 1.5 oz Kit Price: $11.95
Plast-aid 6 oz. Kit PA60 Plast-aid 6 oz. Kit Price: $22.95