Aquarian H3 Hydrophone

Aquarian H3 Hydrophone


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Part #: HYDX33


Pipe Application

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Product Description

We have teamed with Aquarian Audio, an expert in hydrophone production, to bring you a leak locating tool that provides exceptional durability, sensitivity, and versatility of use. The Aquarian H3 hydrophone picks up sounds in a broad acoustical range, and incorporates waterproofing methods that have proven effective in the most extreme conditions. The microphone itself is small enough to be snaked into pipes and fittings, but it also incorporates an adjustable weight which can be moved up and down the cable providing the ability to position the microphone precisely when searching the wall or floor of the pool.

Featuring a small microhpone and a moveable weight, this Aquarian design can be pushed farther into pipes than the H2 version. It is not quite as long lasting or sensitive as the H2, but is a versatile design that can be used in a variety of applications.

When used with the versatile and feature rich #XLT17 or #XLT30H amplifiers, they enable a full range of frequency filtration, signal strength indication, and ease of control. If you are purchasing this Deluxe Hydrophone for use with the #XLT17 or #XLT30H it will require an added adapter which can be selected with the drop down menu above.


Air Delivery
Blower Fitting
Bypass Diameter
Case Size
Chuck Size
Cure Time
Extension Length
Filter Types
Frequency Range
Proper Inlation Pressure
Input Current
Length 20'
Made By
Made In USA
Maximum Depth
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Minimum Diameter
Minimum Temperature
Mixer Tubes
Opening Connection
Pipe Application
Shipping Weight 3
Sticker Color
Unlabeled Spec 1
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Unlabeled Spec 3
Vacuum Fitting
Wireless Connection