Leak Detection Training

We are frequently asked if we provide any formal training. Our simple answer to this is both “yes and no.”

It is our desire to see anyone who wants to enter the Pool Service and Leak Detection Service Industry be equipped for their venture with quality tools and resources to make their new venture successful. Part of this is providing you with the basic information and training so that you can find and fix leaks for pool owners who want to enjoy their pools and spas.

Our website provides slideshows and training videos that will get you started in the business and help you to detect leaks in a variety of situations. We do not provide onsite training nor travel to your location to provide training mostly due to the fact that one-sized training in this industry is not sufficient for the large variety of environmental factors. We believe that our basic fundamentals combined with a good combination of practice and time are the best teacher of how to use our tools in your unique environment given your weather, soil, and pool variations. In spite of this we do provide this series of videos and slideshows to step you through the basic Leak Detection Process:

We also have a variety of other videos located on our YouTube Channel

Lance teaching a Leak Detection Seminar in Atlantic City.

Lance teaching a Leak Detection Seminar in Atlantic City.