Dual Pool Pipe Inspection Camera (9/16" and 15/16" Camera Heads)

Dual Pool Pipe Inspection Camera (9/16" and 15/16" Camera Heads)




Part #: IS2214


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Product Description

This dual-reel pipe inspection camera is designed to cover a wide range of pipe sizes and is particularly helpful for those regularly doing leak detection on commercial pools. The 9/16" (14mm) camera head will perform best in 3/4" - 2" pipe. In larger pipe, the (15/16" ((23mm) camera head can be pushed long distances without bending back on itself. Both camera reels are stored on a convenient wheeled structure. Pipe inspection cameras can be helpful in situations where sonic leak location isn't possible. The ability to provide leak images to customers also increases your credibility and professionalism. After careful consideration of the many pipe inspection cameras on the market, we have selected to import this model due to its beneficial features for pool use and hard-to-beat price.

  • Dual Cameras: Includes one 9/16" (14mm) camera on 100' of 4.8mm pushrod cable and one 15/16" (23mm) camera on 100' of 5.2mm pusrod cable
  • Stainless Camera With Sapphire Lens and Ball Guide: Delivers crystal clear images with approximately 8" focus distance
  • Build In 512Hz Sonde: Allows camera head to be detected with a standard locator (sold separately)
  • Integrated Distance Counter:Indicates length of camera cable that is inside the pipe
  • 10" LCD Screen with Sunshade and Keyboard: Clear picture viewing with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution
  • 16MB SD Card: Save and label pictures and video
  • Rechargeable High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery: 5 hours of continuous working time
  • Compact Systeme: Both camera spools are stored on a convenient wheeled structure
  • Dye Testing Ability Dye test within the pipe by feeding Dye Tester Extension Tubing (sold separately) through the hole in the camera head ball guide


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