Super Snorkel Tankless Dive Unit

Super Snorkel Tankless Dive Unit




Part #: SS-E


Pipe Application

Shipping Weight 50


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Product Description

This compressor operated dive unit allows you to breathe underwater without the problems and expenses associated with cumbersome tanks. No longer worry about refilling tanks before a job or damaging the pool when getting in or out. It features a compact, completely filtered, oil-less compressor that provides a continuous flow of clean air via the 60’ breathing hose and mouth regulator. Additionally, the compressor is equipped with an adjustable pressure regulator and convenient quick connect fitting to easily exchange the diving hose with pressure testing equipment. Includes a 6-pocket weight belt with tow connection for hose.


  • Space Saving Design: Relatively lightweight and compact design saves space over bulky tanks.
  • Focus on Safety: Intake filter and oil-free design keep air clean, and the long breathing hose means that the compressor can be positioned well away from the pool when in use.
  • Easy to Use: Sets up quickly and doesn’t require any added tools.
  • Versatile: Use for both diving and pressure testing/leak locating. The compressor includes an adjustable pressure regulator and quick-connect hose hookup and is quiet enough to be used while listening for plumbing leaks.

Use of the Super Snorkel requires completion of a basic course in skin and SCUBA diving and a full understanding of the precautions that must be taken when breathing compressed air underwater. Anderson Manufacturing Co., Inc., assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of this equipment.


Air Delivery Air Delivery: 4.40 cfm at 0 psi 2.75 cfm at 40 psi
Blower Fitting
Bypass Diameter
Case Size
Chuck Size
Cure Time
Electrical Draws 10.5 amps max., 830 watts, 110-120 volts, 60 Hz.
Extension Length
Filter Types
Frequency Range
Proper Inlation Pressure
Input Current
Made By
Made In USA
Maximum Depth
Maximum Diameter
Minimum Diameter
Minimum Temperature
Mixer Tubes
Motor 3/4 H.P oil-less WOB*L piston compressor.
Opening Connection
Pipe Application
Regulator Adjustable regulator: 5-100 psi.
Shipping Weight 50
Sticker Color
Unlabeled Spec 1
Unlabeled Spec 2
Unlabeled Spec 3
Vacuum Fitting
Wireless Connection