Open Inflatable Plug - 555BP (2")

Open Inflatable Plug - 555BP (2")


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Part #: 555BP

Diameter 1-3/4" uninflated

Pipe Application 2"

Shipping Weight 0.75


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Product Description

This open inflatable plug features a metal bypass tube through the center of the plug to pressurize plumbing lines by inducing air or water. The rigid bypass tube allows for a high volume of air or water to pass through the plug while still maintaining the versatility of an inflatable plug. Inflatable plugs are not as durable as mechanical plugs, but provide a versatile solution for out-of-round plumbing or hard-to-reach locations.

The standard 555BP version includes an L-shaped quick connect off the top of the plug for inducing air or water through pump baskets and other tight areas. This version has a simple tire valve attachment for inflating the plug.

The 555BP-CPH version includes an 18" induction hose for inducing pressure and a 2' extension hose for inflating the plug. These attachments allow the plug to be lodged farther into plumbing past valves or threads or to isolate different sections of the plumbing.

For use in 2" plumbing.


Air Delivery
Blower Fitting
Bypass Diameter 3/8"
Case Size
Chuck Size
Cure Time
Extension Length
Filter Types
Frequency Range
Proper Inlation Pressure 40 PSIG
Input Current
Length 4"
Made By
Made In USA
Maximum Depth
Maximum Diameter
Minimum Diameter
Minimum Temperature
Mixer Tubes
Opening Connection
Pipe Application
Shipping Weight 0.75
Sticker Color
Unlabeled Spec 1
Unlabeled Spec 2
Unlabeled Spec 3
Vacuum Fitting
Wireless Connection