Mission & Values

Our Purpose

Be a recognized source of knowledge regarding all aspects of swimming pool water loss prevention.

Our Mission:

Help independent swimming pool and leak professionals profitably solve water loss problems.

Our Tactic:

Profitably deliver a complete portfolio of vertically integrated solutions (products and services), that are delivered to and through a network of independent, loosely coordinated businesses.

Our Guiding Values:

Integrity – Honesty and integrity is paramount in all communications with customers, co-workers, vendors, and competitors.  We are guided by a pursuit of the truth.

Inspiration – We seek growth by objectively identifying market needs and passionately creating  value delivering solutions.  We recognize that that the process of discovery is just as important as invention in the problem solving task.

Purity – We will develop high quality products as judged by a market driven balance of:  Function, Reliability, Durability, Cost, Safety, Features and Aesthetics.  We do not believe in government regulation as a means of protecting revenue, instead we depend on market forces and fair competition as the best motivators for progress and improvement.

Generosity –We are generous with information that helps our industry and customers make reasoned decisions and solve problems professionally.  In anticipation of a value producing win/win transaction with our customers we do not exaggerate or withhold information in order to achieve an advantage.

Diligence – We believe that continuous improvement is required for success.  We work toward operational efficiency to assure our own profitability and to deliver products and services that match or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Justice – We believe that the pursuit of profit is not greed, but instead the only means for guaranteeing that we are providing value in a way that is self-sustaining.  Without profit generating businesses other charitable works that depend on $ would be impossible.

Joy – We will work to reward and celebrate with all stakeholders who have contributed to our success.  We will not apologize for success which is achieved through adherence to high moral standards. When operating in a principled manner, strength is an admirable indicator of virtue, and a trait that should be emulated rather than envied.

Grace – While we attempt to execute daily operations that reflect these values we recognize our inability to do so on all occasions.  We hope to demonstrate the willingness to admit our failures and to be gracious in our forgiveness of the failures of others.