Water Hammer Line Flusher

Water Hammer Line Flusher




Part #: WH118


Pipe Application

Shipping Weight 10


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Product Description

A high volume flusher that uses Patented Pulsating Technology to convert air and water pressure energy into low pressure impacting Kinetic energy pulses; to safely clean and remove debris and stubborn obstructions from swimming pool & other plumbing lines without producing any pressure related damage!

  • For Routine Maintenance - To preserve free flowing water for filtration & cleaning.
  • For Problem Pools - To dislodge rocks, leaves, plaster, gunite, pool toys etc.
  • For Construction Debris - To clear water lines & conduits prior to final finish.

As An Effective Alternative To the following current methods:

  • Snaking with a Fish Tape (Too Many Elbows - Risky!
  • Hydro-Flushing (Produces Little Force - Much Less Effective!)
  • Carbon Dioxide (High Pressure - Very Difficult to Regulate)
  • Divers to the Bottom of the Pool (This is Very Expensive!)
  • Repeated Service Calls (Unhappy Customers & Wasted Time!)


  • Impact Resistant Storage Case.
  • Patented "Pulsating" Flushing Gun Assembly.
  • Small, Medium & Large Rubber Tips to accommodate different pipe sizes.
  • Whip Hose w/ Quick Couplers.
  • Backflow Preventer for the spigot end of your water supply hose.
  • Ball Valve (for water shut-off to air purge lines if needed).


A portable air compressor that can be moved to pool side is recommended. A compressor of 6 CFM at 80 PSI is the minimum capacity that should be used. An example of an adequate compressor is the Porter Cable Model C3151 (6.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI). A Nitrogen bottle (regulated to 100 PSI max) could also be used.


A standard 5/8" water hose or larger is recommended. Always use a backflow preventer at the hose bib. Install ball valve if air purge of line will be needed.


Each flushing job is different when making a connection to allow use of the "Water Hammer". A "solid" connection using short pieces of PVC pipe, elbows, adaptors, and reducers are mandatory.

The operator must analyze the needs of each job to insure that the "Water Hammer"Ν rubber tip fits snugly to minimize any loss of pulsating water force. Always flush opposite of the direction of flow first. Flushing in both directions (back flush & normal flow flush) may be needed.

The medium sized rubber cone (2") will quick connect to the gun or the whip hose. The smaller cone, if needed, inserts into the end of the medium cone. The medium cone is inserted into the back of the largest cone (4"), when needed.


  • Select and install the accessory tip best suited for the flush job.
  • Install the Backflow Preventer to the spigot end of your water supply hose.
  • Connect your water supply hose to the flush gun assembly and turn on the water, wide open.
  • Connect your air supply (min 75 PSI, max 200 PSI) and begin flushing, flush as long as you wish.
  • Air regulator is pre set at 75 PSI and should not need any adjustment. NOTE: If water pressure is higher than average (60-65 PSI); the air and water pressure balance may not allow for proper pulsating. If the unit does not pulsate, please call us (651-484-1316) for instructions on how to make a simple adjustment to compensate.
  • When flushing is complete, disconnect the air supply.
  • NOTE: Failure to connect air supply only when ready to begin flushing, and to disconnect air supply, when flushing is complete, may or will cause Backflow Preventer to discharge water pressure.


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