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Product Description

This package is designed for the pro that wants to be doing leak detection all day, every day. It includes everything you’ll need to find even the toughest of leaks:

The “Professional” Pressure Testing Kit: This kit provides the core plugs and pressure induction equipment you will need to pressure test 1” to 2” plumbing lines.  This is an important step both for finding leaks in the plumbing but also for confirming that the lines are leak free.  Over time you will probably add both closed and opens stem plugs to your kit to cover the usual types of pools in your area.

XLT30H Electronic Listening Device: This piece of equipment is used to pick up the sound of underground leaks that are pressurized with air using your Pressure Testing Kit, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of a plumbing leak. The XLT30H includes two separate microphones for listening on concrete deck or with ground probes underneath grass or gravel, making for a user-friendly experience. The XLT30H also includes a frequency filter setting specifically for use with a hydrophone in order to zero in on the best noise possible. The Fisher listening devices that we sell have been proven over the years to be extremely sensitive yet effective at muffling and eliminating outside noises through sophisticated filtration.

Aquarian H2 Hydrophone & Adapter: The hydrophone attaches to your XLT30H and is used to listen for leak sounds from inside the pool. This will be helpful both for listening to pressurized plumbing leaks through the pool wall or floor, and for hearing leaks in the structure of the pool itself.

The Leakalyzer: The Leakalyzer allows you to quickly determine the water loss rate of a pool upon arrival to the job site.  By running a 10 – 15 minute test you can confirm the pool is indeed leaking and get an idea of the size of the leak. After repairs have been made, the Leakalyzer confirms that everything has been found to avoid call-backs.

LeakTrac 2400: The LeakTrac 2400 quickly guides you to even the smallest pinhole leaks in vinyl liners through the use of a small electrical current in the pool. This invaluable tool has been saving pros time and earning them money for over 30 years!

Ridgid Inspection Scope: This 3’ scope allows you to easily record still images and videos of problems in hard-to-reach areas such as skimmer throats, pipes, and light niches. Longer Reels for pipe inspection can also be added.

Inspection Mirrors: An inspection mirror allows for visual inspection of hidden areas, especially when dye testing. This package includes two sizes.

Dye Testing Cones: Dye testing cones are a quick way to determine if pipes are leaking by reducing the opening in the pipe to a small hole that can be dye tested.   Comes with one open cone and 5 closed cones.

Leakmaster Free Pack: This free pack of Leakmaster repair supplies includes $50 worth of dye testers, dye, repair putty, flexible sealer, and butyl tape to introduce you to our products and get you started with finding and repairing leaks.


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