Leak Detection Basics CD-ROM

Leak Detection Basics CD-ROM




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Product Description

Please Note: All of this information on this CD is now available online through video and slide shows on our home page and appears under our 6 Step Process at the bottom of the page.

Are leaks causing you headaches?
Are you wasting time making multiple trips to the same pool looking for leaks?
Are you giving business away to specialists who don't care about your customers as much as you do?
Are you ready to start earning serious profits?

Anderson's Leak Detection Basics CD-ROM is the perfect tool for those just getting started in leak detection and a great reference for those refining their skills.
  • Self paced program is based on Anderson's popular trade show seminar.
  • 180 slides include photos, diagrams, text, and sample sounds.
  • Includes plastic Tip Sheet, for reference at the job site.

Here is just a part of what you will learn:


  • The Three Keys to Leak Detection Success shared by all successful leak detectors.
  • A logical step-by-step procedure that allows you to find leaks in one trip to the pool.
  • How to assure that water loss is really the result of a pool leak.
  • How to calculate the leak rate in gallons per hour.
  • Simple tests that will give you a strong indication of where the leak is, before you ever go to the pool!
  • How to have your scheduler get the right information from the customer to assure efficiency at the job site.
  • How to find clues at the job site that can lead you to a leak without doing any tests.


  • How a simple pressure test can cut your leak location time dramatically.
  • Why most commonly used pressure testing procedures take too long and dont give accurate results.
  • What equipment is required to virtually eliminate the need for cutting pipes to do a test.
  • The three Pressure Testing Principles that will give you complete confidence in your results.
  • When to test with water and when to test with air.
  • How to test a main drain line, without plugging the drain!
  • Why 5 minutes is the longest you should ever need to test a line.
  • Safety Rules to be followed whenever a pressure test is performed.


  • What is the difference between Sonic and Ultrasonic Leak Location.
  • Why you shouldn't always use a mixture of air and water to pinpoint leaks.
  • How to simply and consistently make a good leak noise,without making noises in other parts of the pipe.
  • The features, and benefits of different air/gas delivery methods, (compressor, Nitrogen tank, etc.).
  • How to estimate a leaks location before ever pulling out a listening device.
  • The features, benefits, and capabilities of different types of listening devices.
  • How to confirm a leaks location before digging.
  • How to use Helium to detect leaks that dont make a noise.


  • Simple techniques and tools that assure accurate results consistently.
  • A simple procedure that assures a thorough test of the pool in minutes.
  • What a dye test can do for you, and what it cant.


  • The simple LeakTrac technology that allows you to pinpoint vinyl leaks in minutes . . . While you stay dry!
  • How to create Leak Tracks that will lead you to leaks from virtually anywhere in the pool.
  • How to prepare the pool for efficient use of the LeakTrac.
  • Finding multiple leaks.

  • Start profiting from leak detection today.


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