Carbon Fiber Staple Kit (30 Staples)

Carbon Fiber Staple Kit (30 Staples)




Part #: CKS30


Pipe Application

Shipping Weight 7


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Product Description

The staples in this kit are the first commercially available crack control stitching system designed to transfer load away from repair materials. The staples are comprised of high tensile strength and modulus carbon fiber and the fibers are encapsulated in a thermal set resin and cured under pressure during the manufacturing process. A peel-ply fabric is adhered to the staple; when removed it leaves a prepared bonding surface for adhesion to a prepared substrate. The typical staple is 12" long, .38" wide, with 1" legs. Carbon fiber staples add value and strength to crack repairs by distributing load beyond the glue line. Its low profile provides the same tensile strength as #4 rebar but requires less material removal for staple bed, and it will not rust. Use anytime future movement is anticipated. Staple spacing should be every 8-12".

INCLUDES: (all materials required to install reinforcing staples.)

  • 30 - Carbon Fiber Kevlar Staples.
  • 2 - Dual Cartridges of #C4121D Staple Epoxy.
  • 2 - Plastic Trowel.
  • 6 - Pair rubber gloves.
  • 6 - 1/2"-32 Mixer Tube, 2 Nuts.
  • 1 - Safety Goggles.
  • 1 - Instruction Manual.

  • DOES NOT INCLUDE crack injection tools or materials:
  • Application requires crack injection epoxy. We recommend Injection Epoxy #C121D.
  • Application requires Dual-Cartridge Dispensing Gun. We recommend the Jake Dispensing Gun #CG300.
  • Specifications

    Air Delivery
    Blower Fitting
    Bypass Diameter
    Case Size
    Chuck Size
    Cure Time
    Extension Length
    Filter Types
    Frequency Range
    Proper Inlation Pressure
    Input Current
    Made By
    Made In USA
    Maximum Depth
    Maximum Diameter
    Minimum Diameter
    Minimum Temperature 50 Degrees F
    Mixer Tubes 1/2" x 32 CAMC5
    Opening Connection
    Pipe Application
    Shipping Weight 7
    Sticker Color
    Unlabeled Spec 1
    Unlabeled Spec 2
    Unlabeled Spec 3
    Vacuum Fitting
    Wireless Connection

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